Although I enjoyed art from a very early age I never seriously considered it as a career. I had a full and busy life raising my two boys and it wasn’t until 20 years after leaving school that I started to take my painting seriously.

I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy and since it has progressed my art has become much more important to me. I may not be able to walk or dance but painting is something that for now I am still able to do. In art, as in many aspects of my life, adaptations have had to be made. My canvasses have had to be reduced in size to make them more manageable as my arms get weaker.

Over the years people have doubted my ability in many areas of life but art is one area I could excel in. My desire to excel in art strongly motivates me and gives me a determination to prove myself. Like many artists I often suffer from a lack of confidence and being a perfectionist I’m driven by a constant desire to improve.

I now consider myself a figurative artist and mainly self-taught.

Although I have tried painting landscapes my real love is people. It probably therefore won’t come as a surprise to hear that my favourite artist is Lowry. Just as in real life, there is always so much going on in his paintings. In my latest series of paintings, “Old Biddies” I have also used a limited palette, Lowry style, and I’ve really enjoyed doing so.


Most of my paintings are either gouache or acrylic although I do also like to work with pastels.

I hope that Muscular Dystrophy will not rob me of the ability to paint – who knows - but while I can still hold a paintbrush, I will paint and take great pleasure in doing so. I also take pleasure in knowing that others will get pleasure from my paintings too.